Ultimate Podiatrist



Ultimate Podiatrist was established in 2015 by Australian Podiatrist Josh Truscott, and has grown to provide professional education to podiatrists worldwide.


The company’s mission is to improve the quality of podiatric practice globally.


By utilising simple yet powerful online systems, and collaborating with leaders within the profession, Ultimate Podiatrist provides high quality professional education via a convenient online user interface.


The three main focusses are diverse learning, convenience and CPD compliance.


The company has produced a range of learning activities, including live webinars, recorded presentations, online courses, journal-based questionnaires, practice-management activities, self-directed learning activities and more.


The user-friendly online format means podiatrists can further their professional development online, in their own time.  As well as this convenience, the online learning format enables significant savings in both cost and time.


Certificates of completion are issued, which can be retained as evidence of CPD compliance.  In addition, the site also includes support services so its members can relax knowing they have all the resources to be CPD compliant.