Tony Gavin

Founder - OSGO

Tony Gavin

Founder – Osgo

Tony Gavin is a podiatrist who graduated from The University of Huddersfield. He has spent all of his podiatry career in private practice and is passionate about using business to assist in the development of the profession and raise the profile of foot health in the UK.

Tony founded a successful multi-disciplinary practice in Stalybridge in 2008, which employs podiatrists and physiotherapists. In 2015 he founded Osgo, a membership organisation that helps podiatrists in private practice. The membership is now in its thousands and has seen huge changes in how podiatry is being promoted and delivered in the private sector. His vision for a large and inclusive conference in the industry has been realised through the formation of The Foot and Ankle Show.

Tony has additional roles with the distribution of medical products and acts as a non exec director to various projects in the health technology sector.