Darren Jones

Company Director / Paramedic

Darren Jones

Darren has had a vast and varied working career. After joining the Army at 19 he worked as Ground Crew in the Army Air Corps (AAC) for 4 years before transferring to the Royal Air Force (RAF) to train as an Air Loadmaster. He then spent 11 years operating Chinook helicopters in Germany and the UK and was deployed on operational tours in Northern Ireland, the Gulf, Iraq and Bosnia whilst also performing duties as the Squadron Survival Instructor.

Upon leaving the RAF in 1999 he was employed as a Retail Manager in various departments but mainly in the outdoor leisure industry. In 2004 he joined the North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) as an Emergency Medical Technician before rapidly gaining a qualification as a Paramedic in 2006. He operated on Dual Crewed Ambulances and Rapid Response Vehicles for a number of years before then qualifying to join the NHS Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) in 2009. On HART he was trained in Mass casualties, Chemical Response, Armed response support, Swift Water Rescue, Confined space rescue and Urban search and rescue. Basically going where other Ambulance personnel were not trained to go.

In 2015 he took early retirement from NEAS HART, due to injury, and has worked as a Paramedic with a number of Private Ambulance Providers whilst also building his own Medical Training and Event Cover Company called Salus NE Ltd. In 2020, when the Covid Pandemic took effect, he returned to Front Line Ambulance duties for a short while before being stricken with the illness, then, once recovered, he worked in Police Custody as a Forensic Paramedic until June 2021.

Now, with the Pandemic nearly over, the Event and Training world has taken off massively and he works full time building his company and providing medical training to the general public and the Security world.